Welcome to stork’s documentation!

Command line helpers for Databricks!

What is stork?

Stork is a set of command line helpers for Databricks. Some commands are for managing libraries in Databricks in an automated fashion. This allows you to move away from the point-and-click interface for your development work and for deploying production-level libraries for use in scheduled Databricks jobs. Another command allows you to create an interactive cluster that replicates the settings used on a job cluster.


Stork is hosted on PyPi, so to get the latest version simply install via pip:

pip install stork

You can also install from source, by cloning the git repository https://github.com/ShopRunner/stork.git and installing via easy_install:

git clone https://github.com/ShopRunner/stork.git
cd stork
easy_install .


To get started, first run stork configure and answer the questions.

Then you are ready to upload libraries to Databricks, using the stork upload and stork upload_and_update commands.

Please see Getting Started for an introduction to the package, and Stork for specifics on availible options.

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